What's your secret to constantely keep modeling and outputting renders?

Hello all,

I’ve been using Blender since 2014 on and off. However, I took a 2 year break from it and got back into 3D this past year.

I’ve noticed that, though I love 3D and like watching tutorials on how people model and render different things, I don’t have the capacity to do that.

It’s not that I do not know how to model (definitely not a beginner nor an expert), but rather I do not have the “drive”…if you get what I mean…

Essentially, I’ve figured out that I do not have the mental capacity anymore to keep modeling and rendering images…I will start on a project finish a part of it, and then just give up.

Before you say, find inspiration online, I already do that…but for some reason when I try to attempt to model anything, I will stop at some point and just give up. Never completing an image to the final render.

I’ve got a full time job and family…how do you folks go about juggling all of this and still squeezing in 3D?

If you’ve ever been in this situation, how did you over come it?

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will from where i stand
i am not marrid yet ,
1-i ll say try small stuffs at first, dont go with something big , as it might makes you feel bored fast
2-the one thing that keeps me working everyday, is that i dont creat something just to render it, !!
its eather a part of a sotry project or its a test for another project

but i cant say that this can help you, because i am not on your shoes !!!

It took me a few years to properly get ‘into’ 3D because of moving countries and family/employment. There were some false starts, but I was determined that I would learn this and I just kept at it.

I eventually got into a game modding project, so I had some real goal to work towards and others who were similarly working to a common purpose. Together, we had a shared expectation that we would ‘get stuff done’. I felt that if I gave up on a project, it would let them down.

Another thing I did at first was to join a general 3D art forum. I would post a thread with my work and others on the site would comment as progress was made. That helped me keep focused.

Another good thing I did when I first started was take part in some competitions.

Hope this helps. Keep at it!

In my case it’s my job, so I have to deliver a render, and usually many in narrow time frame. And that’s quite a good drive, if you ask me :wink:
To translate it into hobbyist world, my suggestion would be: make contests, one after another. Not only you’ll be forced to finish your projects, but you’ll also get better and better, quicker and quicker. You’ll learn when to call done a model, an environment. Without a time frame you just keep polishing and polishing some already polished work. I know because I used to do so.
My 2¢

Thanks everyone. Where is some places I can participate in competitions?

I guess it has to do with how Charles Schulz created 17,897 daily Peanuts comic-strips, one at a time, by hand – you just do it.

Invent for yourself things to do, that you reasonably can do. Consider each “Weekend Challenge” here and produce something for it, even if it doesn’t win. Or, look at something on your (physical) desk, and model that thing. Eventually, your motivation will come from contracts and deadlines, but as a hobbyist the motivation has to come from you.

Also realize – Blender is a complicated tool, and what it does is not particularly easy.