What's YOUR Zombie escape plan?

Sitting at your Comp right now, if the Undead starting swarming in through the main
entrance, what (real world) items do you have to aid in your defence? And what is your exit
1. Zombies are slow & shambling but vast in number (streets littered with them)
2. Severe Brain trauma is the only thing that kills em
3. Zombies can unnaturally sense where the living are, i.e.if you are the last person on earth
at the North Pole, zombies at the South Pole will start making their way towards you.
4. Only being bitten, or mauled ALOT will turn you, Blood sprays are icky, but thats it.
5. Animals bitten by, or feeding on zombies will turn, so undead walking along the bottom of
the ocean to get to you will eventually get nibbled by meat eaters then swim off to hunt their
own living kind.
6. Military/Police unorganised (no change there then) so no city purging bomb drops.
7. Angelina Jolie will not accept the current predicament as an excuse to repopulate the
earth, especially if your female.
8. Superman won’t save you either.

This is most fun if you take this seriously.
For me i have a bike jacket and helmet, that would probably protect my head and partially
protect my torso.
Hmmm, weapons, i gave away my cricket bat, so it’d probably be the good old shovel. I
wouldn’t be abler to travel that far because the UK is so densly populated i would be able to
run anywhere. I’d probably drive to a town near me called Boscastle (the Bostcastle which
had that famous flood in 2004), steal a boat and make for Lundy island. There would be less
zombies there.

Not much to say beside chek out the Zombie Preparedness Initiative

Hm, either wait for the geeks(only in French, AFAIK) or register at http://www.zombieharmony.com :smiley:

Other than that, well, there’s a big heavy shovel in the garage, and a poker close to the fireplace. Hm, maybe I should buy an axe, axes are nice :yes:

Shotgun close at hand, thank you. Also, a pair of machetes in the garage.

I would just run and hide.

I thought fire was bad for zombies.

If that was the case, I’d have plenty of glass bottles, rags and gasoline handy.

Otherwise, I’d stock up on a lot of hi-potions and make sure my white mages had a lot of curaga and holy spells available. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fire is a waste for zombies, they are largely unaffected by it. Only shooting or hitting them in the hard very hard will kill them.

For me personally, I would stockpile food, get a car and a radio, and then beat it to the oceanside. If I make it onto a cruise ship or military ship I would be safe. Probably best course of action, because zombies can’t get ya in the water!

Why do we have to kill the zombies anyway? Why not just make friends with them?

Well I have 17 swords in my bedroom, so I’d be okay :slight_smile:
I’d probs head to tesco and lock myself in
loads of food and beer and every now and then pop out for some zombie bashing

Microwave -> Disassemble -> Magnetron. Get some shielding and an extension cord (or rig up something with a battery so its more portable), and try to fry the bastards without frying myself or burning out the magnetron ;).

I like this answer for such situation:

If there were tigers roaming the streets and you had to defend yourself,
what weapon would you choose?

Weapon: My Mom
Reason: She’d do anything to protect me. True story, she ran off a black bear from our campsite. The bear was raiding our cooler, she didn’t want her babies to go hungry and her motherly instincts took over.

Interview: Tyler “Space Laser” Goulet

Replace “tiger” with “zombie”. :smiley:

AWW SUPAMAN CANT SAVE ME!? o well i hate him =P lol

my plan is to just smoke a shit ton of POT WITH ALL OF THEM!!(ill go to Jamaica and Kansas to get it al)…then when they are all stoned ill start kicking them in the face…with a metal bat…think about that one…

I wrote this several years ago:

Zombie Pyramid

Hundred foot tall concrete pyramid with a flat spot on top for the
armored door/lock (Picture submarine door) where you enter. The sides
of the pyramid are steep enough to be impossible to walk/crawl up.
The concrete is a smoothly finished surface. There are wood stairs up
the side of the pyramid to the armored door/lock. The wood stairs are
impregnated with highly flammable materials. The joists of the
stairs have very light explosives implanted inside them at the base
and in the middle. There are holes in each side of the pyramid,
ringing the top, through which flammables can be dumped down the
sides. The pyramid has a generator big enough to power twice as much
electricity as required by the pyramid.
The pyramid has several months of dried/canned food and water
(Quantity calculated at 3 times the number of family members you have
local to the pyramid). The pyramid is stocked with ammo and fuel.

You live in the Pyramid. You work in the Pyramid. You have netflix
delivered to the pyramid.

When Zombie Apocalypse occurs, You man the top of the pyramid with
your firearm of choice. If family members come to stay in your
pyramid you shoot them if:

  1. They are not on the list and therefor not calculated in to the
    supply consumption equations.
  2. They are injured with bite marks etc. Pretty much anything that
    would indicate they are going to be a zombie.
  3. They are a zombie.

When zombies come to the Pyramid in force, such that you are mildly
concerned with your ability to control the stairs, you blow the
stairs, thereby igniting the flammables impregnating the wood. The
stairs should fall. If they don’t and you are concerned with zombie
intrusion. Pump some fuel out of the holes and fire the outside of
the pyramid. Continue this process until zombies are gone and it is
safe to rope down and remove the stairs.

Whenever the bodies pile high enough to risk egress, flame the side of
the pyramid.

Pretty much continue this process until you are certain there is no
more zombie problem.

When you are asleep. You keep the lock closed and locked from the
inside. If you wake to zombie apocalypse. Flame the side of the


Throw rocks, gets em’ every time.


Let us take a lesson from the interwebs (http://tofutheveganzombie.com/). Restrain each zombie, making sure not to get bit. Cut open Zombie’s head, remove rotten zombie brain, and replace with large chunk of Tofu. Problem solved.

Though I do like the idea of a flaming pyramid of zombie death.

I have a heavy computer chair, a fan, and another chair, I also have a window I can open and get out.

This was if I was on my computer, if I was anywhere in the house I’d take anything heavy I can find.

Great. Nothing I could do. I’d probably wait til someone with a gun was walking the streets. Then use that person somehow to get to the car and find more people along the way with guns. Improvise on that point forward.

I just need my trusty crowbar and my WWGFD bracelet. If I am lucky, I might find a shotgun or possibly a gravity gun.

I have a shotgun with plenty of ammo., i have a sword, a Ax, and several knives. i have a full toolbox that contains everythimg from hammers, to saws, i have a Bass guitar that has some good weight to it, for some reason i have a large long bored with a nail in the end of it, i have protien shakes so even if im forced to live off of just veggies/green id survive. and if none of that works, id just put on a weighted vest to protect against zombie attacks, and just go out and beat the crap outta the zokmbie with my fists(yes that actually would be possible with me)

Interesting thread. But most the BA threads are.