Whatthe hell happened to the bounding box?

I did not include an example because of size but i can if needed. I was hoping someone might know without a blend. The object has collision faces set and you can see it in physics visualization view. When i switch to bounding box, in the 3d view it disappears but it’s not supposed to. Any ideas what it is? do you need an example? I can strip the textures to make the blend smaller if really needed


What is the physics type (static, rigid etc.)?
Is Gost set?
Do you have a world in your scene?
Is it away in wireframe mode too?

in bounding box mode no texture is needed ;).

It is static There is no world I was just testing again, In wire frame it’s okay Ghost is not set. it should still be there. Like i said i was fooling with it and all of the other objects in this test scene are there in bounding box except this one. I don’t even know if it is important Here is the blend


Bounding.blend (160 KB)

You mean this kind of rock object?
I do not see any problems with it.
It is there in Wireframe, Bounding box mode, even in physics representation.
oh… while I was writing, the bounding box is away :S. Mystrious.
But the pyhsics representation is still there even in bounding box mode.

The bounds seems to be a bit abnormal…

I have no idea why the bounding ar not shown. I would guess the are to big.