Wheat Timberlands

decided to post this in wip because well…it doesn’t feel finished just yet…got the idea from the other boots that were posted on here which by the way were great…i just decided to give it a shot…


This looks good. Nice details with the stitches and the weave type material looks great. The material on the main part of the boot needs the most work. Also something about the top middle seems sort of wrong. Like its too skinny. It could just be without any variation on the texture its hard to tell dimensions.

is it just me or is the toe part of the boot WAY too long? looks kinda exaggerated… like clown shoes. (please take no offense) Other than that, it is excellent work! 8)

haha…yea it is too long, realized that after i did alot of the details and figured it would be too much work to shorten it…oh well, thanx for the crits anyway

Heh they’re not too long at all, at least not for me. I’m size US16 and these look about a 12 :D.

Very nice work especially the stitching.


By the looks of it the top of your feet would be too fat for those boots before it gets to the end, cut the length down a little.