wheater station

Hello community,

this is my first post in this forum - and i want to show you my first finished render - lets call it finished…
I always try to do ships, cars and stuff like that…but it never
gets done and i never be able to do the compositing stuff (the fun part - i guess).
So this time i keep things simple and model very rough and fast this wheaterstation
and keep my motivation for texturing and composing :wink:

Hope you like it!
Rendertime in Blender cylces: 50mins / 1080 x 1920 / 500samples
Vignette and a little bit more contrast added with gimp.

critics are welcome!

Scott from Austria

Looks really good, loving the textures and materials. Very nice lighting. The wood IMO is a little off. I remember my grandparents had one, and the house I bought originally had one hanging on the wall, wish I would of kept it. But even though they were both old, the wood had plenty of luster in it. Looking at this one, and seeing everything very shiny like it was new, I would expect to see more of the shine from the wood.

On a side note, seeing this, I am hoping to see a finished render of a Ship. I love ships, but have not started one yet myself.

Thank you for your fast reply Ross!
Yeah the wood, tooo flat needs more geometry and bump maps…
When i ever finish a ship…i will send you the link :wink: