Wheatley from Portal 2


i’m new here and i wanted to get some feedback about my model. my mesh looks awefull in wireframe view and i’m afraid that i can’t apply good textures when i’ll get to it… otherwise rendered view looks great i think.

Oh and don’t mention my english (i’m french and i learn the best i can ^^)

Mesh topology :

(i deleted all triangles faces because the thickness wasnt smoot with them )

Rendered (no textures applied yet) :

i can’t find good textures for wheatley, so i think i’ll stay with this outlined style…

With a toon shader (especially the Internal ones) this would make a great Wheatley.

I tried but it didn’t look great, perhaps i just couldnt find great values… but for now here’s what it look with kick texturing. If you guys have some ideas about something funny that wheatley can say, i’ll take it.