Wheel Rig Doesn't Work Properly

Hi! I am trying to rig a set of wheels. I wanted the root bone to control the rotation when dragging it around, but it doesn’t seem to work forwards and backwards only sideways

I have been trying to solve this for a while but every attempt failed me! https://gyazo.com/67147f8c09a1e61af985aaad61c80658

Hey, Can you post your file so we can have a look ? There are a multitude of things it could be.

I’m guessing this is the same as the “distance along path” issue when it comes to animating this kind of thing? If so, you either have to manually keyframe the rotation (a good bit of work), or it gets into scripting to figure out the distance traveled in order to calculate the wheel rotation. Unfortunately Blender doesn’t have anything by default for this.

I came up with something that sort of worked in Blender 2.69 or so, and had some help with the scripts. But that’s a long time ago (using 2.79 now), not sure if the same scripts work - provided I could find the old post on it.