Wheels in animation

I’m working on a cart that will have the wheels rotating when the cart is moving and stop when the cart stops. My question is what is a clean way to get the wheels to rotate at the correct speed (relative to the ground) based on the speed of the cart. I would like to move the cart from point A to B with acceleration and deceleration without having to tweek the speed of the wheel rotation to match the speed of the cart as it changes speed.


Make NLA strips for each segment in which the vehicle accelerates or decelerates is my best suggestion. Once you have created them, you can apply S in the NLA window to size them over time.

What does NLA stand for?

Non-Linear Animation


I made this test animation after reading this question.


my method takes some tweaking but is fairly simple:

use a path to control the speed and motion of your cart
copy the speed ipo from the path and paste it into the rotation ipo of the wheel. then scale vertically until you get it to look right.

give that a try and post your result!

A method that works quite good and is kind of simple.

It uses the famous time Ipos.

-Set up a Rot Ipo for your wheel.
-make the wheel child of the chassis
-insert a single bone amature
-make the chassis child of the bone (use bone)
-make the bone child of the path
-set up a time Ipo for the bone
-copy and past the time ipo to the wheel

That should do the trick.
Doesn’t work without the bone [!] (Dunno why %| )

doesn’t seem to work with me, but i parented the armature to the path, instead of the bone, can it be the prob?