when ammo is 0

when ammo is 0 how can i make the animation of the gun have its top complete back like a desert eagle ? i tried many ways of adding propertys but it wont work<

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try using states

  • property sensor, ammo (property), equal to 0
  • connect to “and” controller
  • connect to State actuator (set to State 2)
  • go to state 2 (not layer 2)
  • in state 2, have always sensor
  • connect to “and” controller
  • have actuator be F-Curve or Action.
  • Set frames of animation.
  • Do not have any logic bricks in state 2 other than the ones used from steps 5 through 8.
    I think this should work…

sick. im stuck doing the animation though because i can seperate the top bit of my pistol its annoying