When are logic bricks active?

I am using the game engine for a simulation. Part of the simulation involves rotating a sphere ( the earth ) using logic bricks, i.e., pressing keyboard keys. I noticed that if I stop the simulation and change the view in the 3D viewport ( which drops me out of camera view ), when I re-start I can no longer move the sphere. For a day or so I was perplexed as to what was happening until I figured out that the logic did not work unless I was in camera view. Is being in camera view a criterion for the operation of the logic bricks? I don’t ever remember reading that or anyone commenting on it.

Here’s the blend file.


There is no dependency between behavior (logic) and the output (render).
BGE Guide to the GameLoop

What you describe sounds a bit as you are moving the camera. Something you can’t see when looking through a different one.

Btw. 9 MB download to demonstrate such a simple thing is way to much. It would be better to create a simple demo file. While doing this you might even discover the cause and a solution to your problem.

Hi Monster, thanks for the quick reply. I start the game in camera view. There is no problem rotating the earth. Then I stop the game and press my mouse wheel down and move the mouse. That switches me out of camera view and into the 3D viewport view. As you know you can set any view in the 3D viewport and the game engine will use that view when you press play. When I did that, I could not rotate the earth. The only time the logic bricks work are when I am in camera view when I press play.

OK, I’m stupid. Mperonen, set me straight. My logic bricks are moving the camera, not rotating the earth. Therefore, when I’m out of camera view, the key presses are probably moving the camera but I’m not looking through it so I don’t see anything happening. Thank you Mperonen.