when are you no longer a "newbie"?

ive just been wondering your oppinion on: how long you can call yourself a newbie

…when you don’t suck? I mean, it’s not exactly like you simply stop being one at any given moment.

until you have 5 works in the gallery,
until you have 3 finished games,
until you compile your own custom build,
until you know Ton’s middle name,
until you know how to use new features before they are released,
until you have 7 threads locked,
until you dream of a new feature then make it a reality,
until you complain about possible UI changes out of fear,
if you have done all of these things you are no longer a newbie.

…when you don’t suck? I mean, it’s not exactly like you simply stop being one at any given moment.

i think you stop being a newbie after useing blender for more than a 7 hours time (put all together) or if you have made at least five full projects.

look at cyborg dragon,… he suxs but he is no newbie. he just suxs.

Well, what is a “newbie”? Someone who is inexperienced in something. But then, at what point is one experienced enough to no longer deserve the label “inexperienced”? One can specialize in the game engine and completely ignore finer modeling skills. One can learn how to use Blender like an expert, yet lack fundamental art skills, resulting in that person producing shit. One can create models with a realistic amount of detail, yet lack the finer skills to make that model come alive through good texturing and lighting.

So ultimately, some people are obviously inexperienced and others are obviously masters in the art. Many people fall in the area where debate over skill status is likely.

i think you stop being a newbie after useing blender for more than a 7 hours time (put all together)

I used blender for about 20 hours before I even did my own first project. Time has nothing to do with this I think.

I think being a newbie is something that is more of a personal thing then something that can be generalized into any amount of work, or time.
I personally consider myself a newbie still, just because I hardly know much about blender considering how much there is to learn.
But since there are so many aspects to blender, I don’t think any one person is a master of blender. That is impossible I believe because there is always room for improvement.

But to just no longer be a newbie, I think a somewhat more then general understanding of blender, would make you no longer a newbie.

That’s just my opinion though.

Simply when you decide not to call yourself a newbie, but complete beginner…

i think when you begin to devolpe it instead of using it only …

Agreed. Being new to something implies a lack of familiarity. Once you’ve grasped the basics, become familiar with at least a few areas, and proficient in at least one . . . you’re no longer a newbie.

Of course, even if the phase of newbie-ness passes, a state of noob-ism can remain. :slight_smile:

And here are some tips to expedite the progression from either condition (or, to at least reduce the perception that you are one):

  1. NEVER refer to yourself by these terms (example post - “Hi . . . huge pathetic newb here with a stupid question that’s probably answered in the manual . . .”).

  2. DO NOT post a project/render in the ‘Finished’ section of a forum for at least the first 6 months (because even if you’re done with it, it still sucks).

  3. ALWAYS be sure that your information is accurate when answering the questions of others (because, while newbies deserve our patient assistance, contagious noobs may be subject to quarantine and/or eradication).

I think people are always a newbie with atleast some part of blender. And that seven hours thing isn’t right, I’ve used blender for about six years and I still suck, but mabye that’s me.

That’s true. I’m still an uber-n00b with animation, but I can do almost everything else with some semblance of mastery. It’s just a matter of if you’re good or not. Theoretically someone could learn Blender in an afternoon and immediately begin making stuff, and practically bypass “n00bism” completely. Unlikely, but possible.

if you know how to use it and you have been useing it for a while with ease then your not a newbie. it dosent mean your good at it, it just means your experienced with it.

you are no longer a newbie when you really start to believe so your self, in the sense that, for an example, when you actually do something, and you get stuck, you actually try to think of a solution/way to overcome it on your own, and you suddenly notice that: “hey, i might actually have come past the ‘newbie stance’!” or what ever, who really cares, your making graphics for your own fun, first hand, and then some… :wink:

edit: ps. that answer came off the top of my head without reading the other answers before hand, really…

OMG! i just found this elvis smilely! see? see? do you see it? ----> :RocknRoll:

Until you know how many inches are in a mile, you are a newbie. No way to dispute this absolute fact!

what the hell has that got to do with it.
i think you stop being a noob when you know enough about blender to help out other noobs with more compycated questions, and when you know most of the short cuts like the back of your hand.
there are 63 360 inches in a mile (am i still a noob?)

look at cyborg dragon,… he suxs but he is no newbie. he just suxs.

lol, sounds like me. cept…well…mebbe he’s a lleeeedle bit better than me.:slight_smile:

Your no longer a true newbie when you can do something that looks like you wanted it to.you are a pro when you can post something that gets onto the forum gallery, or at least is photorealistic.

Now that’s no way to talk about anyone, newbie or not.

In my opinion, there are two ways to know if you are a newbie: if you think you are, or most people say you are. Also note the difference between “newbie” and “n00b”: the latter is typically derogatory, while the former is supposed to be constructive.

id say your not longer a newbie when you satisfied with your own work. or at least thats when you dont suck anymore. your no longer a newbie when you have achieved mastery of part or parts of the program blender. i suck and i’m a newbie. ill personally consider myself otherwise when i have created something i am satisfied with which is very unlikely to happen

Not in multiplying 5,280 by 12.

But on the more serious note, there is no way judge newbishness. It is completely relative, like idiotism. You can be the smartest person in the world and still be an idiot. You can know everything about a computer and still search for the naughty stuff on the internet, and get a computer virus. Ergo, the greatest Geek ever is an idiot with computers. On the other hand, you can be a redneck, and NOT search for the naughty stuff, and therefore the most computer illiterate person is NOT a computer idiot. At least, not in this case.