When assigning wheights to vertices, they get mirrored unintentionnally

I created a mesh using the mirror function; the part of the character at the right of the screen is the one I made and the part at the left is the mirror. I then created an armature, and now i want to assign each bone to the corresponding group of vertices. However, when I select the lower left arm and assign it only the vertex group he corresponds with, the corresponding part of the right arm is also selected…
I must have made something wrong with the mirror… Could someone help me on this? Thanks!

And the mirror modifier was applied and edit mesh symetry is off on any axis (not visible in screenshot)? And the vertexgroup.L/.R exist and do only have Left or Right vertices in it (only .L visible)?

The mirror modifier is applied on the X axis, there are Left and Right vertices (for this part of the arm in particular, I have a Lower Arm.L and a Lower Arm.R vertices). However, I didn’t find how to turn off edit mesh symetry… I found a symmetrize tool in the Edit Mesh part, but i seemed like i could only activate it, not the opposite… Here is a screenshot showing the edit mesh symetrize tool and the mirror and armature settings… If you have any idea that would be incredible, thanks!

If you build one half of a model and add the mirror modifier because it’s symetrical, that’ fine. But you have to apply the modifer to have one complete object. Now you have a symetrical object. Yout mirror modifier is still added and not applied. So your selection (of course) are mirrored. Hence the question:

And the mirror modifier was applied … ?

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Okay, I think I understand! But I tried looking it up a little bit and I didn’t find how to apply it as you said… Where can I find these settings?

Oh, they removed the Apply and Copy button on the top side of the modifiers. It’s now in the menu menue under the hook (left to the cross for close).

Thank you very much! I don’t really know where the problem was, but I played a little bit with the settings and the modifiers and it worked out, so… Thanks!