When bake, the image autmatically changes

Hi, first all, sorry for my english.

I’m trying to make a game character, with a normal map on it. This is my third attemp to texturize it.
When i try to bake (i duplicate the model, then use subdivision and sculpt, then select both and try to bake), the “target iamge”, where the normal map should be created (i create a new image named NormalMap for that), it changes automatically to the diffuse map image, (ruinning it beacuase the Clar option in bake) and says “Circular reference on texture stack”.

I can’t understand why it changes to another image automatically, i create one and select it for this… :frowning: and of course, the bake is not done…

I’ve been 3 days with this… very frustrated :frowning:
Please, any help is welcome.

If you just duplicated the character after you created a target image, both models are likely referencing the same image, which would cause the circular reference. If fixing that doesn’t help, post your .blend file to www.pasteall.org/blend/ and share the link here. Remember to pack any images into the file before saving via File>External Data>Pack into .blend file