When BGE implements new shadows?

I have looked out for some resources and found some amazing shadow technicues. Firstly - cascade shadows - for sun lighting they make it perfect to light a huge scenes outside. And shadows in distance look so detailed even in their really low resolution. And it runs on such high FPS. Well, I am a bit confused why this is not included in BGE.
Now, on shadow types. Currently blender has just 2 shadow types - simple shadows, which gets the depth buffer and casts black shadowmap texture on everything that was not captured in that texture. Or something similar. They have fine FPS, but they’re not such fancy. Variance uses kinda blur on it(constant) and actually draws the depth buffer texture on it, at least AFAIK. So low FPS and it actually doesn’t look realistic as it is inverted. If depth buffer texture would be negative, it even may look much better, maybe. Yeah - and theese both methods are not the best for suns as they render exact square in one place, independent from that if even camera see it. Now, what would improve this would be using SSSS and/or PCSS aswell as other very good shadow methods. And sunlamps shall have cascades on by default. I know that some of this is already planned, but I am just asking - when we can expect this all in BGE? When BGE will open us opportunity to have such advanced lighting? Is it going to be soon, or Blender will even pass over 3.0 threshold when we finally get it?

Nowadays, all the bge developers are volunteers and therefore the answer to your question will be:
when there is available a developer with enough interest, time and knowledge in that field. When will occur this? I don’t know really. :slight_smile:

Other possibility is to learn how to modify bge source code and to summit the feature at developer.blender.org. We need more bge developers, you would be more than welcomed.

Well, I need a teacher, it is almost impossible to find resources and learn it from internet. If some other developers would make a video lessons to hand over their knowledge to next generation, it would help others a lot. I may like to make some stuff in team. But I am pretty sure most of others doesn’t like to work in team.

you only need to learn c++ (you don’t need to be very good at beginning as you can learn while you modify bge code) and setup your machine to can compile blender. In linux, I recommend you the QT creator IDE.
If you have some doubts you can pass by #bgecoders channel at IRC. We will happy to help you with the process.

When I try to join the IRC channel, it tells that plugin is not supported. Do oyu have any else contact zones, like Skype? And should I just download QT 4 editor from their site or something like that?

So here is my status:
*Linux Ubuntu 15.04
*14 years old
*Want to learn developing Blender
*Very low knowledge of C++(haven’t had time to learn, mostly learnt python and Java, at beggining of my self education in IT I started with HTML)
*Don’t know how to fill each field to get QT IDE, need more info

This time I was more focused on the filtering, you’re right. But my first thing that I want is cascades. Raytraced shadows == excellent shadows, plus - high framerate when used in screen-space. They can be also used like area shadows calculating them according to area lamp or a mesh which can be applied as shadow caster. I would love to see raytraced shadows, however, I have so low knowledge. Hey - you may want to recreate that shadow method to be a shader instead of 2D filter. It looks very cool:)