When Binding Mesh to Rig Mesh Disappears!

Hi, just trying Rigify for the first time.

Problem: When I select the model and then the rig and select (CTRL + P) With Automatic Weights. The mesh disappears (see mage). Any ideas why this is happening. Thanks.


Your Rigify rig isn’t correct. It looks like you’ve got “Auto run python scripts” shut off in File->Users Preferences, File Tab. Save your file, Turn on autorun, and reload the file. See if that doesn’t help.

SkpFX, ok yes you were correct. I selected “Auto run python scripts” and it fixed it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Good, glad that was the issue.
You don’t actually “HAVE TO” have autorun turned on. When you load a file that uses scripts the header bar at the top will show that scripts have been blocked, and show a button to “reload trusted”, that will run the scripts. That only applies to loading files. When you create a rigify rig it messes up,and won’t work right until you reload the file, and choose to reload trusted.
I keep autorun turned on, and have added my downloads folder to the “excluded paths” so it doesn’t automatically run scripts from that folder.

SkpFX, Cool Thanks. :slight_smile: