When classical jewellery meets Cyberpunk - CYCLES

Crossover joy!
While working on new tutorials, a simple scene started expanding, and then I really started enjoying the lighting and fog. Don’t ask me why it slowly became something like a mix between electronics and neon lights.

I worked on the scene and render almost 24 hours straight, my goal was to get a final render that requiered absolutely no post effects. This is the final result took 38 minutes to render on a 2080ti+2080 GPU render with CYCLES at 420 samples and OPTIX denoise.

That jewel has been totally modeled with BLENDER 2.9 without any addon - video tutorial is available at https://youtu.be/wYnia3-89H4 and I also explain there why I don’t use any addons, long story short, the never ending joy of raw modeling.

Almost every material has gradient texture, fog and particules included, several light sources and volumetric objects. I am especially proud of the heterogenous background fog with god rays.

It all basically started working on a realistic render as usual. But this week I added another 2080 to my system and was able to stabilize the OC, so with all that RGB around, I think it inspired me to finally achieve god rays in a multicolored fog.

Here some views of the progression, from a standard realistic render, to an RGB pimped up Cyber punk version.

And some screenshot, for the pleasure