when curves meet grid

alright, i have this guitar (designed off of a violin) i’m trying to model.
i have the outline of the guitar as one object, and as another a grid.
is there a way to make this work nicely? if i just take the outlined guitar and create a fill, and subdivide, it gets ugly. it wouldn’t be a problem if the guitar had flat body, but it will be curved like a violin (front and back).
any thoughts?

Would it make any sense to extrude outline inwards till you have filled it? You could control z-axis at the same time.

Nice looking shape.

I think it might be better to use curves rather than a mesh for the shape of the violin/guitar?

or try modeling it starting with a square and extruding/subdividing with the subsurfaces turned on so it comes out smooth, and in the shape you want, and nicely subdevided

hope this helps - cheers

yeah, the best method would be to model it the good old fashioned way and use subsurfs to make it look pretty.

using curves only makes for a nice blocky tablet. not as pretty.

Couldn’t you just take your curve, extrude it to roughly the size/depth you want it, then subdivide it and start beveling the edges and adding in creases and anything else you need then? That’s how I would do it, but I’m no expert =)

I’d just trace that curve with subsurf mesh and start filling it in, making sure I got only quads and placed edges along where I wanted the surface to bend. No real trick to it, just a bit of work :wink:

As Pofo says, select all verts on the grid and delete, then Ctrl-LMB new verts along the curve.


well I worked on a guit lately and the best solution is to delete the grid you have because it’s useless, and as other said ctrl+click to create the outline of your guitar in Mesh

Here are my step to create my friend’s guitar, maybe it’s more self-explanatory:



You can see that the top of the guitar is flat while the sides are smooth and got some nice curve. You can use the Loop cut tool to add “levels” (or “outlines”) to the guitars once the other outline are joined. You can also just extrude the first one up, modify the shape of those extruded vertices, extrude this up again to modify it etc… I hope it helps you.

I’m kind of ashame of the modelling quality though, so many poly for so little, I could have optimized alot more the model, but meh…it was fast and lazy modelling. I’ll do better next time I guess!

Good luck