When Darkness Falls...

I’ve begun yet another Blender project, and this time I hope I can finish it.

I want to make this into an animation, with a cute little boy shivering in bed, waiting till the monster under his bed comes out…

Comments and critiques welcome, as always, especially on the topology, cos I don’t know if I got it right. It is somewhat cartoony, but I want the topology to be fairly realistic.


Update: hands.

Again, comments and crits are very welcome. Be as harsh as you can be!

The arms look very cubish. I think you cold model the rounder and more detaild. The part between the “tail-thing” and the body doesn’t look verry smooth either.

Nice work! What material settings du you have? is it some sort of fake SSS?

hand could be a bit on the large size for reality but good for scary.

maybe a smooth transition from the pecs to the adomine

the arms have pectorial muscules, fore arm muscles and elbow muscles?

but none the less looking good

in my oppinion the fingers are to straight, looks like there are bones missing.
hard to describe…a finger has three segments and they all bend if the hand grap something.

besides that, i like it :slight_smile:

Holy crap the boogie man is a body builder, and he’s definitely using steroids. The forearms are definitly too large near the elbow. His chest is quite huge and makes him seem very top heavy, enough to think this mesh shouldnt be floating like a genie. The hands can also use some work as mentioned earlier.

You’re right. Because of the level of detail of the hands I currently have a vertex overkill at the arms, but I’ll push and pull some verts for ya.

Thanks! I just used a plain black material with a plain white Ramp Shader :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you’re right. The hands are a bit too big for my liking, either.
What do you mean by the pectorial muscles, fore arm muscles and elbow muscles? Thanks anyway.

Of course, you’re right! The finger is missing a segment. I’ll fix that up at the next update. Thanks!

You’re right, maybe I should make it a huge ribcage instead of huge pecs, so he seems a bit more weightless. But I dunno, I already have loads of vertices plus I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Update coming soon!