When did you become "good" in blender.

Just curious how long it took people to become “good”. Either as evaluated by peers [e.g. you got 5 stars for your work] or on your own ideas as to “good”.

Essentially when did you quit thinking of yourself as a noob without a clue about what you were doing.

Myself. I’ve played on and off with blender for about a 1 to 1 1/2 years now. Before that I had worked on sketches and basic 2D artwork for friends & family members.

I never joined cause I didn’t feel the need and more it was just me messing around figuring out controls, etc.

So it’s a twofold question if you would.

When did you become good - and no, I won’t accept straight off the bat unless you have prior 3D experience.

And did you have any prior artist - mostly 3D - experience.

Blender was my first 3D work. It took me a long time until I was starting to get pleased with my work. I still am rarely completely satisfied with my work. I think it is because I always find things I can improve.
Do I consider myself good at Blender… I would say yes. But, it took at least 1 and a half to 2 years till people said I was good at it. Infact, someone thinking my work was good is what got me several freelance jobs. Including the spinning flashlight on the bottom of this home page: http://www.malkoffdevices.com/ It was at the top but they updated the website and put it down low :frowning:
I personally think I am good at Blender. But I am not always satisfied with my work. I always try to improve my skills, and I am always getting better.

I don’t think there’s any definitive standard of being “good in Blender”. First of all, there’s many different “sections” of Blender (modelling, lighting, animation, compositing, etc), and you may be considered “good” in some sections and lousy in another. Does one have to be considered “good” at all sections before being considered “good” in Blender? If you can produce a photorealistic still image, but can’t animate to save your life, does that mean you aren’t “good”?

Secondly, there’s personal biases. Your family, friends, and peers may think you’re good, but others (on BA, for example) might think your work’s relatively lousy.

Finally, there’s the time factor. What you were able to produce after two years might (presumably) be better than what you could produce after one year, and thus be considered “good” compared to the 1-year work, but appear lower-grade when compared to your work at three years.

As far as “…when did you quit thinking of yourself as a noob without a clue about what you were doing…” my experience has been that the more you learn about Blender, the more there is to be learned, and it just continues in a vicious cycle. By knowing more, you realise you know less, paradoxical though that may sound.

In a way, you think you’re good at using Blender until a few years later when you realize that there were many techniques, tools, and the like that you had no idea of back then.

I wouldn’t say what I think because I’m not really one who imparts in shameless bragging, but there’s enough ambiguity in the idea of when you’re a ‘master’ at Blender that more likely than not, someone else demos the software in a way that puts your skills and your ego to shame.

I’ve had blender for about 4-5 years now and I’ve only just stared getting serious with it in the past year. Before that I was using SketchUP for around 4. But I’m continually understanding more about Blender and finding ways to make things that I’ve already learned easier.

But I would consider myself just out of the “noob” category for Blender.

Hmm, I don’t like you not accepting my answer that I was ‘good’ right away. And you can be ‘good’ too. It’s a tool like swinging a hammer or riding a bike.

I feel like I started happy with my work after a few monthes. I was constantly on my computer with Blender. Please note that I wasn’t exactly good. I was just happy with my work. That was the time when I was easily able to get around Blender’s interface and make something other than the TARDIS. I’m still not good though if you compare me to Andrew Price or anyone at Blender cookie.

I had an extensive background in 2D art before ever picking up Blender, so I typically could always make things look good, but the mesh and UVs were pretty sloppy. It took probably like a year before I really felt comfortable, but I still learn new things about every time I open the program.

when you open a topic with feature request or about the bad ui

Your question strongly implies that you consider making 3d art as a part of being good in blender. However, I think blender is so much more than that at the moment. I consider myself good in blender, because I can do what I use blender for quickly and I can do it well. Will what I do pass as 3d art? Not really.

I was good before Blender, but it made me less good.

…a question with no one answer…seems like more fun just to Blend…+1 to Krice …and Endi…