When do yah usually go tho sleep?

The question is… above. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s sleep? :wink:

I am afraid to know what you are going to do with this information.


usually after your mom leaves… :smiley:

haha just kidding dude, i usually go to bed around 11pm, but dont fall asleep untill about 12 or 1230, but i usually dont get up untill 830 everyday so it works out great.

dam that mom comment was harsh, wow, dont know what got into me, too much holiday chocolate! just joking, haha, dont be pissed! :smiley:

About 20 seconds after Bush starts a speech.


Usually 2 am, unless I find something to do, and then it’s 4 am.

11pm on weeknights

get up for school at 8

round 2-4am on weekends and holidays

around 1ham during school…waking up at 6h…and around 2-3ham during holidays.

Maybe we should start a thread…"what is your biggest day streak (or # of hours) without sleep…lol

Usually when Wu’s mom leaves…

Wu, tell her I love her still…and I diddnt mean to call her Mary…

Wu’s mums name is mary or was that Enri… oh sorry that was a bit off topic um i got to bed at about 10:30 on school days cos i gotta get up at 6, cos i live out of town and i need to catch a bus the school.

but during holidays usualy when dad comes in and tells me that i need to leave he glass tit that im always feeding on (he gets a bit wierd at night time.

so i go to the carravan (my bedroom) and play electric till i remember everyone is in bed or was inbed so i go to bed.

11pm is the sweet spot. A great compramise between doing stuff late at night and not being a grump the next day.

However I generally don’t get into bed and settled down until midnight.

I am a 10:00 person as I need to get up at 5:00 AM for the nice hour drive to the office from home to beat the morning traffic.


About 11pm I go to bed at.

Depends if I am blendering :slight_smile: then its in the moring I go to bed at.

I realy hate those kind of conversations :expressionless:

Usually around midnight, but I should go to sleep at 10:00 since I have to get up at around 5:30 am to get ready for work.

11 to 12 to be exact. Usually get up arount 7 or 8. Even on weekends. I can’t stand the fact that I would waste several precious hours sleeping late. UGh :-?

i usually get into my bed at 11pm and watch tv untill i fall asleep or untill i feel sleepy! :wink:

i usually fall asleep at 12 m/night or 1 am.

I got to sleep when the batteries of my cordless mouse runs out and need to recharge.

normally around 10. though on saturday, i usualy stay up till around 12…

during school days I go to sleep at 10 even beffor somtimes. mmmmmmm… i like to sleep.

but when i don’t have school… later, a lot later.
i wake up at hummmmm… depends if my mom wakes me up. two days ago it was 12 (didn’t eat much that day it is a good way to loose weight)