When Does BA Get A Face Lift?

Hey all, I haven’t heard much out of a Blender Artists update in a while. I was wondering if anyone knew when we might be seeing some of that, because its a little bland right now, considering BA is kinda the main community for Blender artist’s like myself.

If and when BA gets its update, what would we like to see returned, or added. The Banner for one would be great to see returned, and I’ve heard Wes Burke mention bringing it back several times. But it has been quite a while now. They said that they had some big plans for bringing it back. But it sounded like it was difficult to do. So I’m wondering if it would be easier to just bring it back like it was. Until they can expound on their ideas more.

What do you all think would be great to see in a BA update?

I loved the old design of the forum (white and orange) as well as the one that existed for a few days before takeover.

When the current design came up I thought it was temporary, a placeholder that would last for a few weeks.
But it has stayed and even though we have got used to it, anyone who sees it for the first time will find it below par.

At the same time these are busy people and we should thank them that they keep the forum running.
In terms of usability and other features things have only got better.

I like the current layout. Its simple and clean.

Yes, it is very much that, but I feel like there should be a little something that stands out. Used to we had the banner at the top. So that everytime we would come here we would get to see some beautiful artwork done with blender. But now we just have advertisements where that used to be. I mean, I hope that they are working on some designs, the update that Blender Cookie got was really great looking. And I heard that once that was done they would start in on this. But I just haven’t heard much in a while.

I think that people’s profiles could be upgraded a bit. Right now there is almost no reason to even go to someone’s profile. They could have it to where you can have photo albums on it, so people can see your work without having to search through your threads. Also having a custom banner apart from you’re avatar on your page would look really hansom I think.

BA could use a homepage and kinda the history and crew of BA, it used to have these things but was never brought back. Those would be nice to see again I believe.

I don’t know, just a few little things like that, right now it serves the purpose for us, but it seems to me that we don’t have as many regulars as we used to. Traffic has felt a little on the low side. And that may have nothing to do with the website, but something feels off.

More thoughts on this would be welcome!

Some users (like @Richard_Marklew) have custom pages and albums on their profile pages, though I haven’t found how they are added.
Maybe its a moderators only feature.

Yeah I have noticed that myself, I think it might be a mod feature. But I don’t know. But that’s a little more simple than what I mean, the custom colors are cool, but just something to give it a little more of a personal feel, nothing extreme. Like I know that this forum is kinda a template are something. Because it resembles a lot of other forums. So I’m not sure how much they can adapt this website, but I believe that it could be improved.

Maybe every week, or two weeks they could have a banner vote, they get some decent artwork from the community and it is voted on by the people here, and then that becomes the knew banner. That would also give incentive to work on artwork to try and get posted to this forum. Might be fun.

I second that. I’m not a fan of VBullentin though, but that’s a question of taste. (Me having it!? ;D)