when does particles start looping back?

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Good Morning…
i am trying to model fire… i used particles, and it looks really good. but there is a small problem, i want the animation to be repeatable. i.e. the last frame is like the first frame, so when the animation is repeated, there will be no problems…
i tried setting rand to 0, setting lifetime to 50, and making the animation 50 frames, but this didn’t work!
any suggestions are very welcome,
thank you very much in advance…

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Particles do not loopback.

You must do what you already did AND set a cyclyc tyme IPO which makes time restart from 1 after frame 50.

You can do this selecting the particle emitter and going into the IPO window, placing a random IPO with two nodes and keying in (1,1) and (50,50) as node value (NKEY), then make it cyclic with that small ‘W’ shaped butto somewhere in the IPO control button bar

Good luck


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I think with Rand = 0 you will not get a good looking fire. I found no solution for your problem, but you should enter a negative startframe. Then you already have particles at the beginning of the animation.

I tried an animation from 1…50, Sta:-50, End:50, Lifetime:anything. With these values and Rand =0 I get no “break” when it starts again. With Rand <> 0 I don’t get a seemless animation.

Hope that helps. Holger

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right, fire is not cyclic in nature, best thing is to set the End of emission after the end of the animation :slight_smile: