When Gimp meets Blender

Hi guys,
actually developers of Gimp have started some kind of UI brainstorm blog for Gimp.
Users and devs post ideas for feature ui of gimp…

Look what they did to our Blender :


The irony for me is that I find Gimp truly awkward to use.

Note that the new Logic 8 from Apple features:Single-Window Design

To quote:
Single-Window Design

							The Arrange window in Logic Pro 8 consolidates production activities in a single, elegantly-designed workspace. You can record multiple takes; cut, move, or stretch audio with sample accuracy; browse channel strip settings; audition Apple Loops; and drop chords onto your lead sheet—all from one central space, without managing multiple windows.

Traction had single-Window Design for YEARS.

Cubase and Nuendo NOT AS MUCH …

Gimp window design sucks. That is the main reason I do not use it. It’s very stupid.

Ummm, LukasT, that looks more like “look what they’ve done to their Gimp,” ie: changed the multi-window Gimp format which everyone has trouble with, and used Blender’s gui instead.

Gentlemen, it looks like Falgor may loose a reason to not use the Gimp, if they go to a Blender style design. I know I, for one, would like Gimp a lot more if they did, and I use Gimp all the time. But, like Charlie, I also find it awkward to continually search for a window or have to move an overlapping window out of the way.

no one caught on so far? LOL
Btw, I love the idea of cutting/pasting screenshots of different apps … interesting combinations …

Switch GIMP with Blender, and you know why many people don’t use Blender… I have grown used to the GIMP, and find many things faster than when I sit infront of Photoshop. I only use PS maybe twice a year, so that’s obvious. No doubt that Photoshop is very advanced compared with GIMP, but I like to have all menu items with a right-click combined with customizable hotkeys. I also use two monitors, so that helps a lot.

I just think that your comment is harsh, coming from a Blender user. Both programs share the same dilemma, IMO.

It’s about time they do something about UI. The curent multiple windows scattered all over the place is just stupid. It would have been tolerable if those windows are dockable, snaps at the edges and have the ability to be saved upon exit. As it is now each time you open the program you have to adjust the windows accordingly and move them around to fit the desktop. They should have frozen adding additional features until the ui is fixed a long time ago.

Personally I feel like Photoshop peaked at 5.5, and it’s UI design has gone downhill since. Newer versions have more features, sure, but the stuff I need is slower to get at. And that horrible option bar at the top, which makes the image shift around when toggling into/out of full screen mode - I HATE IT!!

So I would be very interested in using GIMP if the UI were cleaned up (still takes too much screen real estate) and streamlined. The GIMP devs also need to take a hint from Blender and make GIMP portable between all OS’s. Right now GIMP crashes in windows when working at print rez, because the GIMP devs don’t support Windows. No good. Linux has too many issues for non-programmers to use. That won’t work either. GIMP is going to remain on the fringe until these problems are addressed.

I think it’s very interesting. imagine how ease it is to texturing if those two combined.

It seems to make sense going open source all the way, but the fact remains: Windows XP/Vista will be around for many years to come. You buy a new PC and it’s preloaded with Vista. I like it that way, no complaints. Nope, I’m not going to turn it into a Linux box just to say, “hey, I’m using open source”-- f#@$ that-- and accept still many cryptic installations, semi-supported drivers, unripe GUI, ie, horrible text resolution. No, no, no. Forget it!

So, I agree. A half-hearted commitment for a windows platform is a huge mistake.

LukasT wrote:
Look what they did to our Blender : …

Actually you are rigth, they did something to GIMP. I wanted to sound more like Blender fan, coz i’m :slight_smile:

I use gimp in WindowsXP, and love that software.I used to use GIMP (G)UI.

the GIMP developement is very poor - it’s frustrating to see, what’s going on … merely nothing.


YES! My dreams come true?
I dream a Photoshop-like program with Blenders GUI…

this is shameless plug :slight_smile: but if you have trouble with Gimp UI but want to use Gimp, try GimPhoto at http://www.gimphoto.com

i tried my best to modify menu structure and shortcut, also pack with useful plugins, modified brush set and additional gradients.

there is thread about it here at Other Software section, many tried it and like it, i hope you like it too :slight_smile:

(sorry for linux user, for now only available for windows because i still must learn howto modify Gimp and build new installer package for linux, after that linux package will also available)

@ Endi, Do you know Desktop Publisher Blender
Seems a year since any new development here.
Some modifications are a step in the right direction towards BlenderGimp.
Anyway the source files are there if anyone wanted to pick it apart.
@ zenith, thanks, dln, there was another version of gimp with photoshop layout too, I can’t remember the name now.

So this is what follows after gimpshop. zenith, here’s to wishing your project is longer-lived.

Hey - Would that be Glenda… or Blimp?

Man…that was scary.

If I woke up one day and Blender looked like that - I’d cry for ages. :eek:
that is simply the most BUTT-UGLY interface I’ve seen - ever. (ok - MS paint is worse).
Thank godness for Blenders effective layout for incredibly fast workflow,
believe me - back when I was a newbie then Blenders GUI looked daunting
and 3dstudio max where kind of photoshop-like…easy to have a go at after 5 minutes,
Unfortunately that’s also 3dstudio max’s shortcomings.

Let me explain…
While Blender (kind of like Maya) have a steep learning curve, they
both have one thing in common - they become VERY efficient once you
get to know them (which DOES take quite a while). Thi sis because the
UI-Layout is very efficient - and accommodates the “speedy” worker that
needs to get the job done - fast - and efficiently (thats me…working with
3D for a living), that was the VERY REASON I left 3dstudio max in the first
I surely feel the beginners pain - I too want them to enjoy Blender
much easier than it is - truly - but I don’t believe in “dumbifying” the
interface thus reducing its effectiveness for the average user, basically
because I see this learning as an investment that the beginner must
invest (both timewise and moneywise…time IS money for some)
in order to get the “feel” of Blenders amazing efficiency (workflow).
I believe in better manuals and teaching tools (such as the viewport-
recording option that I’ve heard a bird sing is on it’s way to Blender)
so more experienced users can make easy-to-follow video-tutorials
for the needy beginners, rather than “dumbifying” the interface.

Here’s another one posted the 16th. I wonder if someone here made it because of this thread. hmmm…