When hit, show text.

Need some help here:)

When 1 player hit 2 player in the head, this text should pop up at the screen: 1 player wins!! “R” for restart.

Someone there can help?:evilgrin:

try something like
when player 1 hits player 2: pause scene and add overlay scene (with text in it saying “Player 1 wins!”)

I’ll make an example. just wait a few minutes.



I will try it out:D

When I needed text to pop up, I did something a little different.

1). I put the text object in the same scene as the player.
2). I set the property ‘Text’ to blank, this prevented it from showing
3). I added another property which was set to string which had the words
4). When the text object got a message, I set it to a property actuator which I made the property ‘Text’ equal the second property by setting the first setting to ‘assign’, the second to ‘Text’ and the value box to the other property.

When i try to make my own text, then it will not show up in BGE:mad:

you need to hit alt-c and convert it to a mesh