when i am rendering, the pop up windows blinks (with Cycles and Internal)

Hello, i just bought a new PC, and when i install blender 2.64a, and put Cycles to render, when i try to change some material´s parameters while it is rendering, these pop ups windows don´t remains in the screen, it starts to blink (apears and dissapears constatly or when i move the mouse over them).

My pc specifications:

i7 2700K, 8GB ram, Windows 7 Professional 64 bits, integrated graphics card (HD 3000).

some people have the same problem?


Edited: I just tried with blender 2.63a and Blender crashes when i change it to Cycles render engine.

Update your graphics card drivers. If you have a new system then they are most likely way out of date.
User preferences / System, try different window draw methods
Integrated graphics is generally not a good thing to use.

Thanks!! it works with “triple buffer” , “overlap” and “Full”!!. I set to “triple buffer”.