When I comes down to hand made texturing...

Ahh hello. I almost had trouble finding this part of the forum.

Anywho, I sorta need some helpful advise about making textures on my own using UV paint.
I wanted to try it, but I have a problem. when I unwrap my character(a dragon), and I change the view to textured so I can see that it works, All I see is either nothing, or just all black.

I dont know if Im missing something or not but, I usually just put seams down on my dragon, and unwrap him a few time to check the UV’s, then I go to the UV editing, and unwrap him once more, and before hand, I give him a new material, and do nothing but name it ‘skin’. And when I go to paint him, nothing happens.

I know Im missing something because I have another low poly character that I did, and everything I did was correct ;-;

Pls help?


You need to assign Your , UV -map / The texture to the Materiale…Right now the Material is just a diffuse color.

When You unwrap Your Dragon You shall save it and assign it to the Material…Then it will work…:slight_smile:

Open 2 window so You can see the Uv - Editor - Unwrap Dragon.

In Uv - Editor Menuline - Click New - Give it a Name and set Texture size if You want it bigger.

Now save it…In Menuline - Image - Select save as Image…Save it a place where You can find it…:slight_smile:

Last thing is assign it.

In Materiale Surface box - Left Click in the gray to the right in the Color Slider and Select Image Texture.

Now You can open the Texture or point on the 2 small arrow to the left in the box…Your Texture should be there…:slight_smile:

The Black color just tell You it’s ready to paint on…REMEMBER to allways save Texture before You leave Blender…Puff Puff

Hope this can help a little


Yes, it did help a thousand time better! I knew I was doing something wrong!

Thank you, tai!