When I copy the keyframes from one imported animated character top another, they are Rotated 180'

I am very new to Blender, and I am creating a short film. I am using Fuse and Mixamo for my animations as I am no animator yet and don’t have the time. I uploaded a character from Fuse to Mixamo found 2 animations that I liked that I wanted the character to do one after the other.
I imported the first animation, set up the scene around them and everything else. Then I came to adding the next animation. I imported the other FBX, copied the Keyframes, and pasted them onto the previous imported character, but they were rotated 180’. I thought it must just have been the orientation of the original so I flipped it and copied again the same thing. I then imported it again but using manual orientation to have it facing the same way as my character and still the same issue. I have removed the old character and imported them in again manually orientated, the same issue, in fact, anyway I bring them in, they are always flipped 180.

Is there a way to rotate an armature across all keyframes, or any other way to fix this issue?