When I create a post with a video in animation section there is no thumbnail above the title?

I am a new member and I want to share some animations I have created but when I post in the animation section I do not see any thumbnails placed above the title of my thread (but can see everyone else has thumbnails). Is this because I am a new member and my posts are not allowed to have thumbnails? What must I do to have thumbnails above my post in the animation section like most other users have?

I added both a video and a image into the thread but when I click to “edit title” and select to add thumbnail the list is empty.

I would really like to share my animations but don’t wish to until my posts can at least display the thumbnails. Do I have to rank up some how? like go posts on BA a bunch before I am allowed to have thumbnails? Or am I possibly not doing something correctly.

The problem is that your thumbnail was way too tiny:

Discourse doesn’t allow that, so just upload something with a reasonable size, like 500x500 minimum.

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Thanks Bart for responding so instantly! I just tried posting again but used a HD thumbnail image, Still no luck. The thread title still shows no thumbnail.

And when i click edit title and try to select the thumbnail I see this:

Any clue how I can resolve this?

I noticed that your video is not public; I suspect that may have something to do with it. To test, try viewing your post in another browser or incognito tab where you’re not logged in to youtube.

Also make sure you actually upload the image into the post. IMGUR.com images are not downloaded.

I set the video to private after creating the thread when I noticed there was no thumbnail, didn’t want to share my vid before I know all is good. Is there a testing section on BA that I can create dummy posts to see if I can figure out how to make thumbnails work?

No, sorry. Another thing is that it may take a few minutes for thumbnail images to be generated. So just create the topic, give it a minute and then try to set the thumbnail.

Thank you for the advice Bart, I would try again but “You’ve reached the maximum number of topics a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 22 hours before trying again.”

Being new is no fun.