When I download 3D objects from sites like sketchfab the textures are not applied in BLENDER

I downloaded the 3D object and this is how it looks on sketchfab

but when I bring it into blender it looks like this.

here is blend file


You can see the texture is applied on the right side there there. But the object looks like this. Is this normal or is this related to how I have my blender setup? If this is normal can you direct me to tutorials that will help me get past this, specific ones.

Thank you for your help! :).

Try this… start over, new project… (just easier for me to explain what I do)… You need to have node wrangler enabled in settings… load your model, go to the shading page add a new blank material and in the the node editor press ctrl-shift-T and navigate to the material images and select all of the images that came with the model (shift click select them all). node-wrangler configures all the images automatically, the albedo, the normal map, etc… You may have to tweak stuff, but, for the most part, that’s it.

Also, this will not work if you don’t have the model UV un-wrapped. Most FBX or OBJ files that come with the materials are generally UV unwrapped, so, you should be good.