When i duplicate an object and its armature it all goes CRAAZY!!

I got a character that can moves and is animated,
So im making a zombie for it, so i selected both the armature and the model and duplicated it, then placed it a bit away from the character…
Now, when i hit p, the copy FLYS into my non copy character and then starts spinning around in circles…

Its freakn anoying and I dont know what to do!
And when i then click esc and come back, ITS PLACED IN THE MIDDLE!!
WTF?! Idk whats freakn wrong with it, why cant it stay where i put it?!

I´m not sure exactly what you are doing, but if you are duplicating a character with its armature, you should check which object the Armature modifier of the ¨cloned model¨ is targeted to. It must be targeted to the original Armature, and not to the cloned one, that´s why the model is awfully deforming when you move it from the original position.