When I extrude an edge, then I can't move the edge as before


I’m new in Blender and I don’t know why, but if I follow these steps, I don’t know how to return.

1- Go to Edit Mode > Move an edge of a box (moves the faces)
2- Press E to extrude > Extrude the edge of the box (everything ok until now)
3- Cancel extrude (Esc), and press the Move key (or manually) moving the same edge => doesn’t moves the faces, only the edge like in Extrude.

That’s the result when using Move after using Extrude in an edge.

How I can avoid that? Yes, I can press Ctrl+Z but sometimes I do more actions and I don’t know how to reverse that.

Thank you in advance.

Now you have to undo!

You aborted with Esc, but the extrude command was executed.

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Ahh so if I press Extrude but without make any extrude really, it Blender extrudes the edge anyways?

Correct, it’s a very useful way of building geometry, you’ll often see in tutorials people say choose extrude, then hit ESC to keep it in place. A common trick is using this to scale faces after extrude, but it applies to edges.

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Thank you for the explanation. I’ve seen that by default Blender has 32 steps so are enough to avoid mistakes. :sweat_smile:

Very interesting trick!

You’ll want to turn that default all the way up to 256, if you have enough RAM for that. 32 “steps” isn’t as much as it sounds like- each operation is one single step

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I agree, I don’t have a huge amount of ram, but I have my undo set to 64 steps, as Joseph says, 32 is a lot less than you’d think.

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Ah I thought it will be enough with 32, but I’ll go to 256 that I’ve enough RAM. :smiley: