When I grow up - animation

Hey guys,

This is the first run really of a larger animation I will be making. The story in this…isn’t really…a story… so don’t expect any groundbreaking narrative for a 30 second clip! Done really for a bit of fun!

The quality isn’t great, but I like it because its the first proper animation I have done in blender.



C&C very welcome!


hehe,nice video

Thanks for the kind words Trak Wrecka. Anything you didnt like about it? any tips you could impart to make it better?



I really like the colors and lighting! It seems that the smaller flower pops into a pose near the end… there should be a slight relaxing or bounce imediately after he hits that pose to make it look more organic. Other than that, the only thing I can think of that would help your piece is to add a slight wind ruffling the petals and leaves… but that might be more effort than it’s worth.

Did you use a spotlight with halo to get that nice sky effect? I really like it. The whole piece feels natural and warm.

I agree; a very soothing scene and a very soothing atmosphere. I enjoyed watching the flower move and wondering what it was going to do. A simple, predictable ending will not mess anything up if you can’t think of much and it helps your audience smile when a cute happy ending is applied. Excellent job! (The bouncing/relaxing technique mentioned sounds like it would add a great effect)

Thanks guys. I’ll modify it a touch and put that bounce/relax in. Glad you liked it!