When I hit F12, blender renders nothin

I have an animation, and I want to render the ast frame of it. But when I press the render button, blender start to render and 1sec later it finish with nothig.
https://www.loom.com/share/72501b79d03e4325afd660b75636cc70 (video about what is happening

Hi FirstTrack1,

You’ll need to put on your Sherlock hat and try to figure out what is going on. My guess you are running out of memory either with your video card or system memory. Does this happen all the time or just for one scene? Including OS, system info, Blender version, etc… also helps.

If you are using Windows open Task Manager and leave it open on the Performance tab. Watch Memory Usage then try Blender (easier if you have 2 monitors). Also, do the same thing with the GPU and watch the various Memory Usages. If you see the Usage spikes upwards and Blender quitting at/near the max then likely you’re hitting a memory shortage problem. Blender isn’t always graceful when running out of memory. Sometimes it will say so at the top row of the render widow but more often it will either just quit, crash or sometimes gives you nothing. More info can be found here: Blender Randomly closing

Also, turning on Blender’s “System Console” from the Window menu can give you some hints.

Good luck and stay safe!

I figure this out. There was a clip on the vse, and delete it and everything worked as it should