When I import model or landscape thats far from 0,0,0 the grid becomes blurred

Hello to you all! I´m new to this forum as from today, so I hope I´m not totally way off in posting here.
When I work with architectural models I need them to be in the right x,y,z. When I import models, landscapes or heightmaps to Blender from, for example, a dxf with a scene that is located far from 0,0,0 then the grid becomes blurred. It works fine with snapping to the grid but the grid becomes blurred and the lines are fat and not equally spaced. Is ther a way of avoiding this?

Hi, @rokama! Sorry no one else has responded to your request. First off, welcome to the community! I am visualizing what your issue is, but in this case an image would speak 1,000 words. Can you post a screenshot?

Hi, Hunkadoodle! No problem, and thank you for welcoming me. I´ve been reading around Blenderartists for some time and now it will be very interesting and fun to be a part of the community.
My question is about the grid. My solution was to take my landscape and move it to 0,0,0 in x,y, z. The grid then works fine. But when I draw buildnings it will not be in the right spot in space, so for me a problem.
This is how the grid looks when I import my landscapemodel in the right spot in space (in the western of Sweden).

Oh, wow. I guess you said it right, I just don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. This appears to be some sort of graphical glitch. What hardware are you using? Can you share a simple file that exhibits this behavior so we can test to see if it happens on other systems?