When I make Rigging for my character, his mesh is destroyed (disappears)

when I make rigging, my character’s mesh is destroyed (disappear). I use"Ctrl + P -> With automatic weights" and something strange happens to my character. I can’t fix that.

Hard to tell from your screen shots.
Is there any scaling added to your character or rig before attaching the rig?

File>User Preferences, go to the File panel and tick the box marked “Auto Run Python Scripts”

Strange things like this can happen if you move your Rig around with out applying the new pose or location translation. IF you move the rig from location A to B you need to do the following select the entire rig" pose–>apply pose as rest pose". If you don’t do that your mesh will continue to think your Rig is still located at position A .This means every time you apply the rig to the mesh they will both appear in different spot. Avoid moving the rig in edit mode.

1)Anyway do the following, set your rig to fit the Mesh.
2) in pose mode go “pose–> apply pose as rest pose”
3) then parent mesh to rig cntrl+P

This is my best guess based on my experience with out seeing the blend file.

This has been happening regularly since they added the python security measures. Rigify’s scripts can’t run unless you give them permission, which isn’t obvious to new users, so their meshes disappear upon parenting. This question comes up at least once every week.

Yeah, it would be great if we could come up with a better solution for python security.

Like a popup : “this file contains python scripts - do you trust them?” … yeah I know Blender tries to work without popup windows, but they can be useful.