When i mirror. .how do i flip the model from inside out?


I am modelling a head, doing one side of it first. I duplicated it, and selected mirror object - which does make the left side of the head, become the right side - but for some reason, its inside out. I need to have the textures obviously on the outside and not the inside!
Can anyone help please


This has happened because the ‘normals’ are facing in on the mirrored mesh. to manually flip the normal from in to out,go into edit mode on the affected object, select the faces u want to be flippped and press w then choose flip normals . The other option is to let blender work out which faces should be on the outside by selecting all faces by pressing a and then press ctrl & n together. Note u can also get to normals control by pressing space to bring up menu go >edit >normals .

Thankyou for your help - that worked nicely.