When I run my game in blender I can't see anything.

Title says it all.

It’s really making learning how-to use the game engine very difficult. and I haven’t be able to find a answer anywhere. Help?

I can’t really think of the problem. It might be no lighting. post a blend…

There is a light source. I was following this tutorial. But when ever I hit P nothing shows up not the ground plane or the sphere.

The attachment button doesn’t seem to be working for me. D:

Edit: Nevermind. I got it to work by closing and reopening blender…

Check that the camera is facing the game object. Check that the physics on each object is set correct, ground should be static, sphere should be dynamic, empty I think should be ghost, if it is still not working for you check that you have a material set for the game objects. If it is still not working post a blend file that is the best way to get help with it.