When i save blender it creates a new .blend1 file every time i save

hey so basically im saving a blend file to my desktop. ive been working on this file for a couple days now and just today it started creating a new .blend file every time I save. so I pushed the save as button to see if save a copy was checked and it was not and Im not physically pushing save a copy so is there something else im missing that might be checked?

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That is a feature that saves an older copy of the project you are working on. It’s on by default. To disable it go to Edit menu > preferences > Save & Load tab > Blend files section, and set the Save versions property to 0.

If you mess something up and want to go back to the one saved in the .blend1 file you just have to rename the .blend1 file to a .blend file and you can load it like a normal .blend file.

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Yes, it’s a usefull feature because “saving” is not “safe” as it erases the previous saved file. So lets say you do a mistake, you save and close Blender, you’re done, work is lost. Blender gives the ability to rename your previous .blend to .blend1. In the params you can even, add as many saves as you want. .blend would become .blend1; blend1 --> blend2, blend2 --> blend3, blend3 --> blend4 etc… That way each time you save you can access previous versions when you want.

Yeah the renaming is usefull only in order for the OS to automatically recognise which software to use, but even without renaming the file is fully usable :slight_smile: You can load it from an already open Blender, or open it going right click --> open with --> blender

See you :slight_smile: ++


Awesome! Thank you everyone