When I separate a mesh, is it trully separate?

Say I want to extract a copy of a part of a mesh; the part of a charcter’s head for example.

I select verts, duplicate, then hit ‘p’ to separate the the selcted mesh: does that separated mesh maintain any kind of ‘relationship’ to the mesh it came from? Are their any connections that need to be broken or anything?

This is somewhat of a double post, but I’m trying to get to the bottom of a problem I’m having with the Fiber script; the original post is at the end of the loooong fiber thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15116&start=90

I’m sorry about the double, but I’m getting tired of sitting here gettin nothing done. :frowning:

It copies all the object properties from the original (materials, parent, IPOs, …).


You shouldn’t duplicate before seperating. Just select the verts of the part you want seperated and hit P-Selected, and it becomes a seperate object (autonamed xxx.001)


It seems that when I separate my sections, without duplicating, the fibers still do not follow the guides.

I assume somethings up with my mesh, but I can’t imagine what.

Thanks for the replies.

After I duplicate/separate the piece out of my mesh, is there anything I can do to completely eliminate any relationship to the previous mesh?
Is their any way to get a piece which shares nothing but the shape?

I’m going to give this a bump.

I ended up doing the character’s hair manually with planes, but I would really like to use Fiber for the eyebrows.

I extracted the mesh once, and the guides were followed. I decided I needed to extract a few more pieces of the main mesh to get better eyebrow coverage; now the guides aren’t working again.

Somethings up with this mesh, I have no idea what.

Is there any thing I can do to eliminate whatever is causing this problem?

Can I export/import some format which will wipe the slate clean, so to speak?

Is it possible that my goemetry is constructed in such a way that interferes with the Fiber script?

Is there a way to make a vertex for vertex copy of a mesh, but not have any connection to the original mesh?

Sorry to be redundant.

tia for any help


Does this belong in the python forum?