When I start game mode screen is blanc

Hello, everybody, I’m new to these forums and to working with blender.
My problem is that when I start the game mode, nothing shows up on the screen, just a gray screen. Why is that? Do I have to install anything?
I’ve just downloaded and installed blender from the website, haven’t done anything else.
In the tutorials I looked, the game mode would work just fine, but on my computer it doesn’t. Do I need to set up something before that or what?

So, you installed the program and haven’t done anything else? Meaning you haven’t made any models or put anything else in the scene? If that’s the case then that’s your problem. You have nothing in your scene to show. You can also change the display mode to shaded and then you’ll see all blue, but still nothing else. You gotta put something in it for it to display something.

If that is not the case then you have some other problem.

Yes, I did put some models, and I also tried with the default scene where there is that cube. Now, about an hour after closing the app and starting a new project it works. I don’t know why it didn’t, any model wouldn’t work. But now it mysteriously started to work.

That default box worked, but now when I complicated the scene a bit it doesn’t work any more. I attached the file to this post, maybe I do something wrong, what is it?

Update: After creating a new scene with the default box, didn’t work any more, so it can’t be the scene. There is something wrong with this program, don’t know what.


mydoc.blend (342 KB)

Your .blend seemed to work just fine for me. I’m not really sure what to tell you. Maybe try a uninstall reinstall? Are you using windows? If yes, do you have the windows c++ redistributable sp2 installed? If not, you can find a link to it on the official Blender download page.

I have a similar problem that seems to be caused by my ati card.
I have to save, close, and re-open my file every 5 minutes or so. Otherwise everything disappears.
An interesting thing though: If I apply a sobel 2d filter, then I can see my model.:confused:

It is an ATI driver issue. ATI has removed some code in newer versions or something like that… try mess around with the driver or download an older version.

Or just update your graphics card drivers period… if you haven’t done that, then that’s probably your problem.


The new driver may fix this problem, but it completely removes my cards glsl support?
That is weird…

That’s right, my video card is ATI 9550, pretty old, but I’m not planning to upgrade any time soon. I will try updating the drivers.

I’ve got another question: does blender (on windows) use OpenGL or DirectX?

Ha… nope, it uses OpenGL…

They wouldn’t recode the entire program just for windows…

ATI cards (especially the older ones) aren’t as good at OpenGL as Nvidia cards… I’d suggest finding a cheap AGP card (not too hard to find). The best AGP ones (like a 7800GTX) I think are only like $50-100 now.


So my old video card is the problem. I know it’s time to upgrade, this computer which 3 years ago when I bought it was the best on the market, is now really outdated. It’s a Pentium 4 3GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, 160GB Samsung HDD, and Ati Radeon 9550 256MB version video card.