When i switch to render mode i can't see my ,,material'

I made glitter effect in shade editor, i can see glitter in viewport shading mode but not in rendering.

Here is a link to my file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cqA12upRi7ooMi--BAtrxSj5vtQUhZm1/view?usp=sharing

I kinda fixed that but when i render animation this appears. I want this object to have glitter after rendering and to be on transparent background

It is just a lighting problem. The viewport uses an hdri that gives you some nice reflections, the rendered mode only uses one light and there is nothing interesting to reflect. To fix put an hdri environment in your world material.

Could you do this for me? I don’t even know how to do it and it’s hard for me…

It is easy. Open your shader editor and change from object mode to world. Add an environment texture. Choose an hdri for the environment node. You will find blenders hdri images in blenders folder “2.93/datafiles/studiolights/world/”
To use the hdri only for reflections and keep the grey background use a node setup like this.

I can not upload your file here as it is 253 mb! I do not now why such a simple scene is so large.
Ok I found out why, you have nearly 2million vertices on that object! That is ridiculous!

I did this and now it’s black while rendering

My bad, it is working now. Thank you.

Edit: #You can not use the colour output of a voronoi texture as a normal map#.
I take this back, it does actualy give a nice effect!

The second voronoi with the fresnel mix does very little to help and at certain angles will just show black.
I suggest a setup like this:

(you do not need the invert node)
Edit: to get the texture more like yours turn down the scale of the voronoi texture.

And of course the object does not need 2million verteces!