When I try to renderwith indigo it says "python script error"

I recently tried Installing a render engine for blender 2.49.
I decided to install Indigo.
I downloaded it, ran the installer, went to blender, went to render, clicked “Render with Indigo”.
And It says this “Python script error: check console”
If it helps I use an imac.

So what does the error message in the console say?

Which version of Indigo are you using?
Are you using Blendigo? Did you correctly configure IndigoWrapper.conf?

I haven’t installed Indigo since it became commercial so I don’t know if setting it up is still the same…and I don’t use a mac

When I check the console it just says that at the time of me trying it that there was an error. So checking the console doesn’t help at all. :confused:
And I’m using Blendigo 2.0.9
Should I try using indigo instead?

No, Blendigo should do it for you…

Python 2.5 is installed on the mac isn’t it? Make sure you have the appropriate version for Indigo 2.0.9(which seems to be 2.5)

Check that you have the Blendigo scripts in Blender’s scripts folder and that the script path also points to that location.
You could try opening the Blendigo script in Blender’s Text Editor, and press CTRL+P (CMD+P) to run it.

I recently installed the latest version of Python.
And Where is the blender scripts folder located? I know how to get the hidden blender folder but I still don’t see it. Also, I am not able to open it from blender’s text editor. :confused:

That could be it. For 2.49 on an imac you need Python 2.5 because that version of Blender was compiled with Python 2.5
From the blender.org download page:-

“Blender 2.49, Intel (24 MB) Suits Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac (Core Duo) and iMac (Core 2 Duo).
Mac OS X 10.5, Python 2.5”
For 2.49a on the PowerPC you need Python 2.3

Sorry, on a mac, I don’t know…

I installed 2.5.4 and it still doesn’t work :confused:
Also, I have intel, not Power PC.
SO do I need 2.3 now?

When you start Blender from a console, does it say it found Python?

I guess you don’t need Python 2.3 if you don’t have a PowerPC, but which version was installed by default(I assume it was 2.5.4?), and did you remove it?

You really need advice from someone who runs a mac…

I don’t know what version was installed by default. But I just installed 2.5.4.
And when I open blender it just says blender 2.49 and shows the alien photo.

If you run Blender from a terminal you will be able to read the error message.
I think it is Applications --> Utilities --> Terminal
Probably you then type blender and hit enter, then go from there. If it finds Python it will say so.


Nothing else happens when I open it from Terminal.
I guess it just won’t work :confused:
Thanks for all your help.

Is Python found?
What is the error message when you run the Indigo exporter?

It says the same error message. :confused:

What does it print in the terminal when you open Blender, and what does it print in the terminal when you open the Blendigo script?

In Terminal, nothing. It shows the stuff in console. When I open blender it says “Compiled with Python version 2.5.4”. And When I try to render with indigo it says

"Checking for installed Python… got it!

File “<string>”, line 1, in <module>

File “/Applications/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/.blender/scripts/blendigo.py”, line 64, in <module>

indigoLogo = Blender.Image.Load(os.path.join(assetsPath, “indigo_logo.png”))

IOError: couldn’t load image"

Hope that helps. :confused:

The first part tells you that Blender was able to find the correct version of Python on your system, so as long as you have the correct version of Blendigo and it is in the correct place there should be no problem running the script.

So it seems to be saying it has a problem loading the image indigo_logo.png
You could try searching your system to see if and where it is located.
You could try removing and reinstalling Indigo. You could try a different scene.

Are you rendering one of the Indigo test scenes or one of your own?

I searched, and there is nothing called indigo_logo.png
I tried reinstalling indigo, didn’t work.

I’m rendering the basic cube scene. Just to try it out. :confused:

The Indigo forum might be your best bet then, it could be an installation problem:-


Hi Secondsoul,

There were some heinous bugs with the latest Mac installer for Blendigo.

Can you download this installer and see if it fixes your Blendigo issues?



Hey there,
now that we have to fear luxrender might go down, i wanted to try out indigo but i have the same problem as above.
I’m on OSX, intel, Python 2.5.4. The 2.2.1 installer installed in private/tmp/ which is totally studpid. Anyway, I managed to copy “assets”, “blendigopkg” and blendigo.py into my defaults scripts directory, and, just to be sure, also into ~/.blender/scripts. Still I am getting the same error.
Then i had a look into the blendigo.py and i think there might be a typo (but then again, i am not a coder), in the lines where it loads assets and blendigo it said (u"scriptsdir") instead of (“uscriptsdir”).
I tried to change that, but still no luck. It is stuck where it wants to load the indigo_logo.png, although it is sitting there in the assets-folder.
“assets” and “blendigopkg” are relative to the script, right? or is there a specific path or place where i have to put them?