when I zoom in mesh starts disappearing in 2.5

When i zoom in towards an object with the mouse wheel and i start getting really close the mesh disappears. is there a setting to make it not disappear when you get really close? for blender 2.5. Thanks

Try changing the starting clip distance. In the 3D View, type N to bring up the view properties sub panel (on the right). Locate View:Clip and change the Start value to about 0.100.

Thanks so much

Another thing that can drive you crazy - zoom will stop working at a certain point in perspective view ( i.e. it’ll only let you get so far at one time. When nothing more happens when you zoom, hit Num5 to go to ortho view, zoom closer and then Num5 to go back to perspective to get closer- this is essential to know if you want to examine the inside of a solid.