When IPO's Lost it...

Back in those days, when I used to just animate cubes, IPO editors were so easy. But now when animating rigged characters its like… I don’t know them anymore… they didn’t behave this way then… If IK_Arm would have been a pet, it would have embarrassed me in the Obedience section.Here’s photograph where clearly I’ve ordered the IK_Arm to “Stay… Stay in Z axis” but it goes down, and ruins the animation (for which i have to spend hours correcting and recorrecting things, while contemplating should whether I should hijack a plane with blender experts and hold them hostage till all my problems are solved or leave idea that I could be a good animator one day…), Then I go look into the mirror and say
:ba: “You Talking to me?”


Just to be sure everything is clear, the thumbnail above shows IK_Arm has been ghosted from 36-40 and IPO curve editor shows Loc Z.

Note: Hijacking was just used to provide some humor, i’m just an animator (Not a terrorist), Please don’t pursue me … CIA and FBI(If you are reading it)