When is a Kerkythea render done?

I am rendering the example bathroom scene in Kerkythea, using the Metropolis render option. It has been rendering since last thursday, is at 276/10000. Is this really going to keep rendering for another three months? It’s still grainy. How do people produce good renders in a reasonable amount of time?

I’m not too familiar with Kerky, but AFAIK MLT renders can go on infinitely as they never reach the “perfect” solution (whatever that means.) Basically, you end them when you’re satisfied with how it looks. To remove the grain altogether, either get a supercomputer array running for 1K years or use a post-processor app to clean your resulting bitmap up. Search the Kerky forums (or the Indigo forums) for possible solutions for this. Indigo actually has a way to auto end the render at a certain level, as well as the ability to resume it if desired.