When is BGMC 32?

@fredstash won the BGMC 31

Fred, If you’re here, do you have any thoughts on when you might host the next BGMC? Or alternatively I or someone else could host it since it has been a while since the previous competition.

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Yeah… about that… I have literally no idea how to host BGMC (how to run timers on the forum, I probably could put together a poll), so I would love to have it happen again. It would just be nice if someone else hosted it. Honestly right now my schedule shifts a lot (I’m in college) so some weeks I have hours and hours to do things, and some weeks I barely finish everything besides making games.

@Smoking_mirror ?? you are a great host do you want to do it?


I like that idea, bring him back from the dead. he hasn’t posted since a year ago

edit: I have a great idea, lets just tag all the old BGMC people and bring them back :slight_smile:




@Raco i think?

and all previous winners (and monster) - you are free to step up to host
if no one else does I will.

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