When is Blender ready for real time scenes like this?

This is supposed to run in real time on UE4.

I also tried some photogrammetry scenes myself and got stuck with the high poly numbers, it’s impossible to use Blender for this. I don’t need the real time render like in the video above but maybe just for editing some meshes?

I bet they cleaned up their high poly photogrammetry meshes before running this demo. Other than getting the poly count down, I don’t see anything in this video that can’t be done with Eevee right now. Nothing really elaborate that I can see going on in the shading or post processing.

Why do you say it’s impossible to use blender for this? It definitely would require a lot of equipment and processing time for the photogrammetry side of it, along with a team of people to capture the data. But i see nothing impossible here.

In 2.8 with Eevee?

It probably uses Tessellation + Displacement Mapping to avoid ultra high poly models and to control the details with textures. As far as I know this is planned as a feature for Evee. And trust me, you don’t want to edit meshes like this in any modeling program. Sculpting them might be possible in Blender, depending on your hardware.

I am using a dual GTX 1070 config, 256 GB DDR4 RAM and a lot of CPU cores.
Blender 2.79 isn’t responsive on a scene with 3 million vertices and I can barely edit the scene.

Watching the video above I think that one must be way beyond 3 million I think it’s more like 30 million or more.
I am not even sure if it’s real 3D or just a video.

EDIT: Blender version 3.79 -> 2.79

Blender 3.79? Wow, I would think that a person from the future such as yourself would have better hardware specs. :slight_smile:

Yeah. I am from the future, actually those are my toaster’s specs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not read anything yet about projects to improve performance in Edit mode for Blender 2.8. Currently Eevee really suffers in Edit mode, however you can see in second and third video that some things can be edited/modeled while being inside Eevee. But, very early stage of development yet to draw conclusions.

Hey! Check my photogrammetry test…https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?437542-Dogs-in-a-bucket&p=3236984&highlight=#post3236984 How many polygons do you think the models has? (Quick answer… Not a lot texture makes wonders)

I see. Did you need to set markers for that scene?

As mentioned, performance in edit mode is my main issue.

I am just curious do other programs like Maya, Max etc allow you to edit and model meshes with 3 million verts with ease…I have never seen people benchmark mesh data structures before but I have this funny feeling that if you throw 3 million verts at most programs out there and then want to extrude, cut,bevel your way to glory then they are all going to struggle, unless Bmesh is really inefficient with high polygon mesh.

Then why are you comparing it to UE4? A final presentation engine will always be much faster than a working DCC engine.

Just thought that the creator of that video must have done some works to that scene before running the final demo.
He didn’t show his workflow, I just assume it’s UE ecosystem.

I’m sure there was plenty of cleanup work done before he did that demo, but that should be a given. Oftentimes I’ll do a first pass at cleaning up a mesh in meshlab, since it can handle a bit beefier projects.

Blender is already able to render real time scenes like your example. As to how the cleanup stage went, we have no information about how they cleaned up their scene.

Yes they all will struggle, more or less, depending on your machine.
But the thing is every other 3DCC struggles less than Blender in comparison. By the factor 2 or 4.
Even C4d and especially Softimage XSI. Only Modo might be worse. Don’t know about Lightwave, but who cares?

I have an I7 with 16GB RAM and an old GTX 760. A single 4,4 million poly object can be edited but of course its totally not comfortable, more like unusable. (waiting inbetween 3-5 seconds until something will happen)
3 Million verts should be doable and might even be useable on my machine.
BUT in my years as 3d artist, i never had to edit such an object. Photogrammetry and 3d scans might change that, but if you work with this technology you want to have a beefy machine anyways or you doing it wrong.

So yeah, the others are clearly better in that discipline.

The only thing in OPs video which cannot be done with the same quality in Eeevee right now is the shadows.
Maybe i am doing it wrong, but the shadows in my scenes are always blocky and look ugly.

Not a single mark has been done, the only thing is like 25 good photos but only that.