When it is ok to not have quad with our mesh?

Still a beginner that try to learn, I want to know when it is ok to not have 100% quad base mesh. In character modeling it feels like it is the standard I guess. But when it comes to objects, should we always try our best to make it quad base? For me I prefer quad, but is it worth it to try to make it just quad?

Every time you can’t really see it or the texture is “just a color”. In games character do often have tris because they deform better. (In fact they almost ever have them because the simplest 3D object/face is a tri and every graphics card which have compute units is optimized to compute this surface. Just search any “game name” and “wireframe”). See also: http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/Limb_Topology .

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THank you for your answer