When life gives you lemons

I wanted to get some opinions on this before I finish it up, in case there’s anything glaring I missed.
The lemons are from Mantissa, I made the backplate and the crockery.

I think the lemons could use more work. There’s no sub surface scatter at all on those, though unless you look quite closely it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

The background needs some cleaning up where the photo was straightened.

Added sub surface scatter for the lemons:-

Some more small changes:-

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I think the lemons look great. Subsurf would take them to the next level though. The only thing that stood out to me is the fabric. For some reason it doesn’t look quite right, but I don’t know why.

This is looking great! The thing that stands out to me, aside from the lemon subsurface issue, is that the edges between the plate and cup, as well as right between the cork and the top of the glass bottle, seem too perfect—it makes those objects feel as one rather than separate pieces, almost like a hard surface model. I would maybe adjust the edges of them a little to create the tiniest bit of separation. It could also be an ambient occlusion thing, not sure.

Regardless, excellent work here, especially in the lighting/shading.

The label looks fantastic, btw!

Re-reading my first post, I can see now it’s possibly misleading. I haven’t stated which part of the image is the backplate. Of course, it’s the best part of the render. The gin bottle and the backing cloth. :slight_smile:

But I have noticed before when editing photography, there are often areas that wouldn’t be accepted as realistic if it were a render. I think we try too hard when mimicking the real world, to make it look natural, and when viewing renders we don’t take account of the plausibility in the real world of the unusual and the outlier. I have many reference photographs of water surfaces that would be criticised as excessively reflective, or over saturated if they were renders.

Possibly the problem with the backing cloth is the saucer’s shadow. It doesn’t follow the folds of the cloth yet since the cloth is a background photo, or the shadow might be too dark. Another possibility is the cloth curving over the table edge at the front. I will be toning it down at some point, and hopefully soon. It’s nearly the weekend after all . . .

Anyway, I have updated the lemons with a bit of sub surface scatter. Maybe a bit too much, but it can be adjusted as we go along. I’m loving V-Ray’s Render Mask feature!

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Moved the rendered items down a little way to better ground them(forgot I scaled them down slightly in the comp), added a little bit of texture to the cup and saucer, cleaned up the background.

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