When lots of View Layers = Way too small text in Compositing Tab

I currently have a Blender scene where I have TONS of View Layers.
Now, when I go in the Compositing Tab, and try to assign a View Layer to an Output Node, there’s so many View Layers that if I want to chose the latest, I have to zoom out too much and I can’t read the View Layer names anymore.
Is there another way to do this? A way I could see the text bigger and maybe scroll through them?
Thank you!

I’ve just tried making a ton of view layers myself to test this peculiar issue out as well. Found that when I increased my resolution scale (I just put it on max) in my Blender interface preferences, this dropdown view layer menu turned into a scrollable window.

Not a pretty fix but should work :slight_smile:

Tons of layers… and they have names? I mean with a meaning so you can type them into the search filter in the Outliner ?* (there are proposals even if just typed one character)

It doesn’t look like you can drag and drop viewlayers from the outliner into the compositor, however another solution would be, if they’re just choosing the view layer sequentially:
duplicate the render layer node → ctrl scroll over the view layer to select the next view layer

Still a tedious and ridiculous task like this but would be significantly faster than selecting them individually from the list.

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Ohhhhh!! The Ctrl+Scroll did it!! Thanks so much man, this saved my life, you have no idea!! Haha!!

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No worries! Glad I could help!